The Liberian Registry and Advantages for New Ship Registrations


The Registry

The Liberian Registry is one of the most innovative maritime registries globally, committed to maritime safety, environmental standards, and service excellence.

Here’s how it offers advantages for new ship registrations:

  • Simplified Process: The Liberian Registry has introduced a streamlined ship registration process. Verification of registered signatures occurs internally, and original documents can be submitted in digital format. This reduces the need for authority proofs and accelerates registration times.
  • Construction Freedom: The Liberian Registry does not require ships to be built by a specific nation. Shipowners can choose shipyards based on commercial considerations such as competence, experience, and cost.
  • Industry Leader: The Liberian Registry is the world’s largest flag state and a leader in new constructions of tankers, container ships, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers.
  • Swift Response: Electronic ship verification takes minutes, and all supporting documents are accepted in electronic format before and after registration.

The Liberian Registry offers an efficient process, flexibility in ship construction, and a strong reputation in the maritime industry. Shipowners worldwide choose the Liberian flag with confidence.

LISCR’s Business Development Representative

As a representative for LISCR (Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry), the Marine Surveyor Consultant plays a crucial role in promoting the benefits of the Liberian Registry and assisting shipowners and technical operators. Their responsibilities include:

  1. Communication with Shipowners: The Marine Surveyor Consultant serves as the initial point of contact for shipowners interested in registering their vessels under the Liberian flag. They answer questions, clarify requirements, and provide information about the registration process.
  2. Advantage Promotion: They collaborate with shipowners to highlight the advantages of Liberian registration, such as construction flexibility, rapid registration times, and the registry’s reputation.
  3. Technical Assistance: During the registration process, they provide technical support, guiding shipowners through necessary documentation and addressing any doubts or issues.

the Marine Surveyor Consultant is a valuable link between shipowners and the Liberian Registry, facilitating new ship registrations and ensuring operators are well-informed and supported.

Marine Surveyor Consultant Sagl

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