Terminal Safety Survey

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For charterers, operators and terminals, we can perform safety supervision of vessel operation during her entire port call. Vessel crew and equipment will be observed on the spot during cargo, cleaning, sweeping, pre-wash and bunker operations. In case of deviations from safety procedures operations will be stopped and corrective action taken, upon request followed by crew training.

Included is the check of correct use of PPE (personal protective equipment) and the various checklists in use: SSSCL (ship shore safety checklist), checklists for STS (ship to ship) operations and “tank entry permits”. Marine Survejor Consultant Sagl has a dedicated team of tanker specialists with extensive practical experience in tanker operations from many years at different command levels on board seagoing vessels and in senior management positions at storage terminals. Members of the team have worked for companies ranked among the highest in the industry for their safety culture.

Major industry players regularly call upon the services of Marine Survejor Consultant Sagl to provide assistance in promoting safety during risk sensitive operations on board tankers, either at sea or during operations in port.

Marine Surveyor Consultant Sagl

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