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Ship Security Services Global terrorism is now recognized as a threat to the international shipping industry.

Professional security management practices are considered to be essential if exposure to risks from terrorism, piracy, smuggling, theft, stowaway and other criminal activities are to be reduced.

Marine Surveyor Consultant Sagl has developed a comprehensive range of ship security services designed to assist ship owners, managers and operators meet the ISPS Code Requirements including:

  • Development of the Ship Security Plan.
  • Undertaking the Ship Security Assessment.
  • Security Training, Drills, and Exercises.
  • Ship Security Audits.


Ship Security Plan Each ship is required to carry a Ship Security Plan approved by the flag state.

The preparation of an effective plan will rest on a thorough assessment of all the issues that relate to the security of the ship. This includes an assessment of the physical and operational characteristics together with the trading routes. Ship Security Assessment One of the requirements from the ISPS Code in Shipboard Security Planning is the onboard Security Survey.

The onboard survey is an integral part of the Ship Security Assessment (SSA). This should examine and evaluate existing shipboard protective measures, procedures and operations, it must be emphasised that the most valuable asset in the protection of the ship is the willing, knowledge and competence of the crew.

It is a requirement of the ISPS Code that the Company and Ship Security Officer will require adequate knowledge and will have received appropriate security training.

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