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It is always a big financial decision to lay-up a vessel, and with market conditions these days it has become a more frequent occurrence. Ship operators may find that they are unable to employ their vessels profitably and take the decision to remove it from service.

Layup reactivation is crucial given that the vessel may have been out of service for a number of months and hence the Shipowners P&I Club has a survey requirement when it comes to layup re-activations.

Reactivation can be a relatively straightforward process if the lay-up logs have been diligently written, and a state of readiness has been maintained by the caretaker crew, periodically starting up and running machinery as well as regularly powering up electrical systems and electronic equipment. For both hot and cold lay-ups, re-commissioning time depends on the level of preservation and maintenance during lay-up. Re-commissioning time can vary from one week for hot lay-up to one month for cold lay-up, or even three months in the extreme scenario of a vessel being laid up for more than five years.

Vessel owners can benefit from our in-depth competence in vessel recommissioning.
We have the right competence to support Owner / Technical management in vessel re-commissioning safely and efficiently; our dedicated team is fully aware of Class and Flag State requirements and is fully capable of assisting you in bringing vessels up to all required standards for active use.

Our service is designed to:

  • Optimization of re-commissioning time and cost
  • Compliance with insurance and charters requirement
  • Vessel and crew preparation on third party inspection
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