Pre-Purchase inspection / Condition Survey

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Marine Surveyor Consultant provides independent surveys and reports of the current condition, class status and life history of a vessel. These can provide vital information to help evaluate a proposed investment by identifying potential problems, we can help reduce the business and technical risks you face when buying or chartering a second-hand vessel. Our Marine Surveyors are qualified Master Mariners or Chief Engineers or Class surveyor. Survey methodology includes a visual inspection and usually we cover the following:

  • Structural integrity.
    Main propulsion and auxiliary machinery.
  • Documentation (classification records, PSC records, ISM records, Statutory records etc).
  • Fire Fighting Equipment.
  • Main propulsion and auxiliary machinery.
  • Electronic equipment.
  • Cargo Gears.
  • Accommodation and sanitary.
  • Mooring equipment.
  • Main spare parts on board.

The survey will include a visual inspection and usually, we cover the following:

  • Section 1 Summary of survey and condition of vessel.
  • Section 2 Publications and Statutory Certificates.
  • Section 3 Management, Records and Manning.
  • Section 4 Ship structure: External hull and superstructure, anchors, chains, windlass, Ballast tanks, Deck equipment.
  • Section 5 Hatch covers, Derricks & Cranes and Holds, Cargo equipment.
    Section 6 Engine room, Machinery and Bunkering, Bilges, running hours if the main and auxiliary engines.
  • Section 7 Bridge and Navigation.
  • Section 8 Communications, antennas.
  • Section 9 Life Saving Apparatus /Fire Fighting Equipment.
  • Section 10 General items, crew accommodation spaces.
  • Section 11 ISM Items, ISPS Code items, Ship and machinery log books.
  • Section 12 Defect list and Condition Statement.
  • Section 13 Annexes: Ship’s plans, Deflection reports, Spares reports, last cargo voyages, etc..
  • Section 14 Pictures
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