Marine Casualties Assistance

Marine Surveyor Consultant Marine Casualties Assistance

Our Company specializes in the field of incident investigation, auditing, and training (Third-Party Auditors/Inspectors), as well as in the development and implementation of risk-based Safety, Health, Quality, and Environmental Management Systems. Various incident/accident investigations and root cause analyses on behalf of Shipping Companies, Oil Majors, Flag Administrations, and Insurance Companies have been conducted by our team consisting of highly trained and qualified Master Mariners, Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Psychological Assessors, and Legal Advisors.

The scope of Investigations The scope of the incidents/accidents under investigation is to determine their circumstances and contributory causes, as well as to draw lessons to be learned. The root causes of the incident are identified and recommendations are made regarding the necessary improvements to a Company’s Management System in order to avoid re-occurrence of similar events.

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