Pre-Vetting Inspection (SIRE-CDI-OVID-RIGHTSHIP)

Pre Vetting Inspection

Pre-vetting Inspection For Oil, Chemical and Gas ships – In today’s environment of high safety standards and competitive advantage, Oil Major approvals for the vessels have become a necessity much more than anything voluntary. Lack of sufficient approvals from Oil, Chemical and Gas Companies can mean life and death for a tanker Operator in terms of availability of business. Our inspectors, who themselves are accredited vetting inspectors carry out thorough inspections on the lines of SIRE,CDI, RIGHTSHIP & OVID, to appraise you about the current compliances of the vessel for these programmes. We can help you fill the gaps and assist the ship’s staff in preparing the vessel for the most stringent inspections.

Our approach is to develop a customized service with the client that encompasses their specific needs for a certain type of vessel or operation on the basis of the outcomes of a risk assessment. We use the experience of our work in damage and incident investigations in order to allow clients to focus on those items which present the highest risk of failure.

Our services include:

  • Writing specific audit programmes
  • Review of procedures
  • Ship vetting services from desktop analyses to onboard inspection
  • Onboard audits (global service)
  • Data collection and trend analyses
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