🌊 Navigating Maritime Safety Changes: New Safety Certificate Formats 🚢


As we sail into 2024, the maritime industry is bracing for significant changes. The introduction of new safety certificate formats for safety radio and safety equipment, set to take effect from January 1, 2024, marks a pivotal moment. These changes originate from amendments to SOLAS Chapters III/IV/V and the HSC Code (MSC.496(105) and 499(105)), emphasizing the need for a coordinated issuance of all relevant safety certificates. The goal? To ensure vessels align with the updated standards and maintain a consistent representation of their safety credentials.

🔍 What’s Changing?

  • Safety Radio Certificates: If your vessel lacks an NBDP Tlx, you can delay re-issuance of safety certificates until the next renewal survey. However, vessels equipped with an NBDP Tlx must take action during the first radio survey after January 1, 2024. The provision? Remove or disconnect the Tlx unless it serves solely as an HF-MSI receiver. This move streamlines safety communications while adhering to the new template requirements.
  • Safety Equipment Certificates: The amendments also impact the classification of certain equipment:
    • NBDP Tlx Discontinuation: Bid farewell to the NBDP Tlx for two-way distress and safety communications on the HF band.
    • Reclassification: Portable VHF equipment and SART/AIS-SART shift from SOLAS Chapter III to Chapter IV.

📝 Record-Keeping Matters:

  • Radio Surveyors: Pay meticulous attention to record-keeping and reporting. Safety records must accurately reflect the status and location of onboard safety equipment.
  • Early Compliance: Ship owners and managers, take note! Familiarize yourselves with these requirements and consider early compliance. A smooth transition ensures not only compliance but also reinforces our commitment to maritime safety in sync with evolving international standards.

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