About Us

Marine Surveyor Consultant Sagl 
Expertise and experience are the two most valuable resources in today’s fast-changing shipping world. The right decision at the right time can save or make you a lot of money. But shipping is a global business and the expertise has to be where the ship is when it is needed. Shipowners, Charterers, Shippers, benefit from using a Marine Surveyor Consultant. 
We are an independent ship inspection & maritime consultancy company with its roots originating in Switzerland which conducts Ship Inspections, Ship Audits, OnBoard Training and various types of services in all ports.

Marine Surveyor Consultant Sagl has experience of a wide range of vessel types:
• Bulk-carrier, Ro-Ro, Container
• Oil Tanker, Chemical Tanker
• Cruise vessel
• Yacht 

Benefits of using our services
• Professional surveyors
• Personalized Service
• Single point of contract, drawing on a highly experienced and qualified team
• Coverage in all ports
• Understanding customer’s needs
• Ability to think like our customers – Your concerns are our concerns

Surveyors of Marine Surveyor Consultant Sagl have the following qualities :
• Cost-effective
• Experienced
• Confidential
• Dependable
• Incorruptible

Consistent Marine Surveyor Consultant Sagl
has a variety of Shipping experience:
• Master mariners
• Vetting Inspectors
• Experienced Tanker men
• Chief engineers/Naval Architects
• Senior management experience