Yacht Services
We move boats and yachts from port to port on their own bottom. You and Your family are always welcome to join us in your delivery. It is a great way to gain experience and learn more about your vessel.

We are a professional timely and cost-efficient yacht delivery service. All captains are drug-free. Minimal or no stops this means less time, lower costs and no harbor or country fees. It is very important to find a sailboat delivery service with captains that specialize in handling sailboats of all sizes.

We can help in providing competitive bids, giving you more choices and options with our worldwide delivery service.


Additional services: 


- Installation


- Commissioning


- Repair & Re-Fitting


Marine Surveyor Consultant fits into the market with its technical department deeply skilled and able to support you for full system integration for a new build or a refitting. Our technical department can advise the best specification list that you need and to release the relevant equipment layout by CAD. 
Then we install in accordance with the specifications and we take care of everything till the commissioning.


A pre-purchase survey comprises a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the boat with regard to its condition. Besides a general examination of hull, deck, superstructure, and interior as for general deficiencies and damages, the boat will also be checked for operational readiness and safety. As the basis for a sales talk, a survey makes for a homogeneous picture of the condition of the yacht and also gets things straight between seller and buyer.