Ship's vetting observations analysis
Ship Vetting Reply - A major problem associated with vetting, is improper replies to the ship vetting observations from CDI & SIRE, leading to vessels being rejected for employment by the charterers.

We at Marine Survejor Consultant Sagl provide:
  • vetting observations review & response on behalf of the technical manager’s vetting department
  • proper Root Cause Identification
  • recommendations for Improvement & Lessons Learned analysis
This service by Marine Survejor Consultant Sagl is provided in order to assist operators to properly respond to the requirements, so benefits include :
  • prompt Response in a highly professional manner
  • full proof replies that will ensure operations continuity at all times
  • full follow up on all corrective / Preventive actions identified
Example of how our services for a Ship Vetting Reply can be used :

Random observation during a Vetting Inspection:
There was no evidence on the cargo calculation sheets, that the List corrections were being applied . The Chief Officer was using the Cargo calculation sheet taken from the technical manager's SMS forms. The form had no column or row where the List had to be inserted to be incorporated in cargo calculations. In case, the list was zero at time of the calculations, a remark such as ´¨Zero list´ was also not inputted on the calculation sheet either. This was found consistent in the past cargo calculation records as well.

Possible reply by your Vetting Manager:
The Master has confirmed that List is now being used for cargo calculations and if the List is zero, the same is written on the cargo calculation sheet by the ship’s officers.

Marine Survejor Consulatnt Sagl's  reply on your behalf would be– Cargo calculation sheet SMS form was revised by the QMS department by incorporating new rows, to input the list value for all cargo calculations. A statement on the bottom of this new form clearly states that "If the list is zero at time of cargo calculation, the value 'zero' must be entered in the form accordingly, and not left blank." The new form called XYZ, version 2.1, 2013 was issued to all vessels of the fleet. The Cargo Manual in the SMS was revised with information that all chief officers must input information regarding the list, while doing the cargo calculations and use the updated Cargo Calculation sheet forms XYZ, version 2.1, 2013. This update was sent via mail to all masters and later via postal mail as well, with a required  acknowledgement from the master. The current masters of all vessels in the fleet must confirm in writing, to the fleet manager, that the SMS page in the "The Cargo Manual" has been updated with the new updated revised page and the blank company forms manual has been updated with the new Cargo calculation sheet form XYZ, version 2.1, 2013 inserted and the old one in lieu, removed from the file. A soft version of the updated cargo calculation sheet form XYZ, version 2.1, 2013, has also been sent to all fleet vessels for easy use.

Further, all chief officers and Masters joining the fleet vessels are being updated about the same, in the pre-joining briefing by our local crew offices worldwide.  All outgoing chief officers on our fleet vessels, were asked to mention the same in their handing over notes to the incoming chief officers. It’s the intention of our internal auditors to confirm during internal audits, that the correct Cargo calculation forms XYZ , version 2.1, 2013 has been put in use on all fleet vessels and is being filled up correctly.