At the forefront of the maritime evolutional progress

Being at the forefront of the maritime evolutional progress we aim to conceive the forthcoming changes in the field and prepare all parties involved for their implementation. Within this context of awareness, our Company ensures that all appropriate information related to the new requirements coming into force will be gathered and interpreted in a form of a technical manual before becoming mandatory for the shipping community.

Ship's specific manuals          
    • Ballast Water Management Plan
    • Cyber Security Plan
    • Emergency Towing Booklet
    • Mooring System Management Plan + Mooring Line Management Plan
    • Procedures for the Recovery of Persons from the Water
    • Polar Code + PWOM Template
    • Ship to Ship Operations Plan
    • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Plan
    • USA Vessel General Permit (VGP)
    • Ship's Safety and Training log Book
    • Ship Security Plan and Assessment

    • COVID-19 Strategic vessel response plan
    • Vector Management plan
    • Garbage Management plan
    • Office security plan