About Us
We are an independent Maritime Global Business Consulting Advisor. 
Having Its roots in Switzerland, we provide a variety of High-Quality services which are designed for business owners who need affordable, reliable, and quality supports. 
We believe that there is a solution for every problem and finding the right expert is the key.

We conduct Ship Inspections, Ship Audits, OnBoard Training, Freight Claims, Marine Casualty investigations, Marine Claims (H&M), Vetting inspections, Flag inspections, and various types of services for the Maritime industry.

Our experts have experience  with a wide range of vessel types:

• Bulk-carrier, Ro-Ro, Container
• Oil Tanker, Chemical Tanker, Product Tanker
• Cruise vessel
• Yacht 

Benefits of using our services
• Professional surveyors
• Personalized Service
• Single point of contract, drawing on a highly experienced and qualified team
• Coverage in all ports
• Understanding customer’s needs
• Ability to think like our customers – Your concerns are our concerns