SMS Consulting
Our experts can assist in compliance with the ISM/MLC/ISPS requirements, Our audits can assist you to improve your management systems rapidly to meet the most stringent requirements of ISM/ISPS with minimum expense and hassles. We can assist you with the following:
  • Procedures and methods of communication
  • Development of initial systems for ISM/MLC/ISPS procedures
  • Introduction/ implementation including familiarization instructions for office and vessel.
  • Continuous support during the agreement period which will include 24h/365 days, full telephone, fax, mail and visits to office / Support for all ISM/ISPS procedures.
  • Support for the proper implementation of the ISM/ISPS procedures systems including Vessel reporting,    analysis and follow up of N/Cs, incidents, near misses, drills etc.
  • Integrated Management Systems can be developed in consultation with those that have to implement them.
  • Risk Management
  • Incident Investigation & Analysis
  • Key Performance indicators in accordance with processes
  • Ship's manual preparation: Being at the forefront of the maritime evolutional progress we aim to conceive the forthcoming changes in the field and prepare all parties involved for their implementation. Within this context of awareness, our Company ensures that all appropriate information related to the new requirements coming into force will be gathered and interpreted in a form of a technical manual before becoming mandatory for the shipping community.